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Thread: A suitable laptop spec

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    A suitable laptop spec

    Hello, forgive me if this is in the wrong place. I have a hardware question.
    I apologize that searching did not yield an answer.

    At the end of the month, I shall purchase Artrage and a $500 laptop for an artist who has been pining for the program.

    Assuming memory/hd/screen are the same,
    1. Will a laptop run Artrage well enough?
    2. At the same price point in a laptop, would Intel or AMD run Artrage faster?
    (The decision seems to boil down to i3 v A8, w/ occasional i5)
    It will be used only for painting, web surfing. Artist already has graphics tablet.

    I know this may be unanswerable but opinions are welcome.

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    Hello and welcome keepworking to the AR forums
    Well the question may not be totally unanswerable…
    Anyway, first things first, ArtRage is CPU intensive. So the faster the CPU (GHz) you can get, the better.
    AR can also take advantage of CPU "multi threading" to increase speed as well. So something with multiple cores will be good.
    (Of the three CPU's you listed, I would tend towards the i5).
    AR is a 64bit app (though can run as 32bit) so like any other 64bit app it can use as much memory as you can give it. So get/fit as much as you can.
    Finally the HD, look for something roomy and fast. 7,200rpm would be good, better still an SSD/Flash drive in an ideal world.
    Hope some of this is of help.
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    thanks, markw!
    I think my question really boils down to clock speed vs. cores, and it sounds like clock speed wins at the price point.
    The processor market is quite confusing, and laptops moreso - appreciate the info.

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