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Thread: Twitch's new Creative channel lets you live-stream your artistic process (or watch ot

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    Lightbulb Twitch's new Creative channel lets you live-stream your artistic process (or watch ot

    Twitch is best known as the home of passionate gamers who live-stream their gaming sessions online. What you might not know is that Twitch also nurtures a thriving community of creative types who perform music, show off their visual artistic prowess, or invite an audience to watch them write.

    Recently, Twitch decided to throw its full support behind the site’s artistic sub-culture with a brand new landing page called Twitch Creative...

    On Twitch Creative, you can share your unique creations live with the world!
    Blog post about creative launch!

    To celebrate the official launch of Twitch Creative, this channel will feature a marathon of "The Joy of Painting" with Bob Ross starting Thursday, October 29. Celebrate the birthday of the legend himself; put on your creativity afro and create some happy trees alongside Bob Ross for 9 days of oil painting!

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    For those ArtRage users interested in the Bob Ross livestream:

    Some tips for Bob Ross-style paintings in ArtRage:

    Import a white background into ArtRage, or fill it with white paint, to get the wet on wet painting effect

    Download the Bob Ross colours

    Some Bob Ross sticker spray brushes and sponges from SomeoneSane:

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    Although I rather knew and was affectionate to the memory of Diana Ross, by attending this Forum I learned of master Bob Ross (RIP) who was very popular in US several years ago. From what I found out I don't like too much his syle since it looks similar to the cheap street market sold paintings (they probably all learned by him), but all my respect, reverence and blessing wherever he is now for the passion and joy and the incitemente to a creative hobby or job he provided to so many people.
    Now I wonder if there are some samples and examples of what Bob Ross brushes and colors (palette?) look like ....
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Ceasar, I can't fault Bob completely with the stylistic look to his paintings. He did only have 30 min to complete a painting.

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