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Thread: Hi! Anybody know the hotkeys to rotate the palette knife?

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    Hi! Anybody know the hotkeys to rotate the palette knife?

    I have been following newbie tutorials and am currently enjoying creating textures with the palette knife. It's always nice to lock the knife in place in order to do stuff like metal beams, jagged rocks, ship hulls etc. The toolbox allows me to do this. Is there a hotkey that can allow me to rotate the knife in say 10 degree increments and back? So prolly two keys, or shift plus the rotate.

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    Hello iratecaller and welcome to the AR forums
    Unfortunately it's not possible to access all of a tools settings as found in it's Settings Panel by Key Commands.
    Currently I think it's only 'Pressure' in a Settings panel that can be adjusted (for any tool), via the UP/Down arrow keys, by 1% steps and if modified with Shift, will change by 10% steps.
    If you are using a pen that is sending it's Rotation information to AR then the Knife head, when "Locked", should track that and continuously adjust to match how you are holding the pen.
    The 'Rotation' Slider in the Knife's 'Settings' panel will define the orientation of the knife head to the pen that is to be maintained as the pen moves around.
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    Thank you!

    Ok. Thank you much!

    I guess since I'm obsessed with the knife at this point, ultimately it won't matter because I'll have to start using the other tools properly. Right now, the moment I use the paint brush, is the moment I ruin everything.

    I do not own one of those Wacom Intuos jobs yet with tilt pressure. I have a little Wacom bamboo thing with the eraser tip and a bunch of spare nibs. It's fine for now.

    Thanks again. ArtRage is a wonderful product and I find so much enjoyment in spreading paint around creating textures and starting to see and appreciate values, silhouettes and all that wonderful beginner stuff. I don't need to obsess over hot keys, because let's face it, I'm not getting paid to draw. Baby steps.

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