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Thread: 'God Before Supper' - the 'Inspirations Depletion Art'.

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    'God Before Supper' - the 'Inspirations Depletion Art'.

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    Hello friends!

    I am sorry my english is poor,hope you could understand me,thank you.

    The name of this painting is 'God Before Supper'.

    About the style of it,I call it is 灵感枯竭艺术 in chinese,maybe it is the 'Inspirations Depletion Art' in english,and I don't know whether this style was appeared before.

    It was drew by me and other two friends when our inspirations had run dry.

    It was completed on 04.12.2014.Because I delayed many times,so it is shown till now...

    Every artist effort to get the inspirations and in fear and pain when the inspirations are dry,so are we,we often have no inspirations any more.

    But one day I thought we can create something in this state,we can use this pain to do something.

    So the 'God Before Supper' was born.

    When we get the inspirations,we can go the way of the traditional,when our inspirations are dry up,and we in fear and pain,we can try the 'Inspirations Depletion Art'.

    Thank you.

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    I understand. I would interpret it like having a blank canvas staring back to you. . . big Creator observing the lesser creator (the artist) with the question, "What form are you going to bring into the world?"

    Sometimes I think the big Creator says, "Listen, I quite understand. Creation isn't always so easy, is it? I'm not thrilled with everything I did either."

    Anyway, keep painting something. One can always work on technique and mechanical skills until a big inspiration hits. Technical challenges are easier to work on because they're clear and methodical. You could work on (for example) color, composition or form.

    But have fun with it and don't judge too harshly! This is an honest painting and not bad.

    Welcome to the forums!
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Welcome in here! I like this painting and what you call the Inspiration Depletion Art. It is probably exactly what generates and re-generates when You are "dry", but You still have paints left on Your palette and You use it (as well as what Your palette mixed shapes progressively suggest You) to eventually form a steered and guided happy accident painting .... at least that's the impression I get from the materic composition You made.
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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