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Thread: Exporting PNG has original transform, how do I fix?

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    Exporting PNG has original transform, how do I fix?

    I just bought ArtRage and love it. I've made a few drawings, but today was the first time I needed to flip one. I followed the directions on the last post of this topic:

    I was able to flip the image, but the preview in the layers panel all show the original transform. In addition, when I export, the image matches the layer, and not what I'm viewing on the canvas.

    Any ideas why this is and how to fix it?

    My canvas:
    Name:  canvas.png
Views: 63
Size:  131.5 KB

    Name:  layers.png
Views: 59
Size:  26.3 KB

    After export:
    Name:  export.png
Views: 75
Size:  50.7 KB
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    Hmm. It sounds like the transformation wasn't 'applied' to the actual image (e.g. you transformed it, but the transform was still active and hadn't saved all its changes yet). If you go back into that file, is the knife the right way round now? Can you export it properly?

    If you still get the same result - it looks the way you want it, but it's opposite in the layer preview and export, then something weird is going on and we'll need to take a look at the actual PTG file, so email that to us at

    We'll also need to know exactly the steps you followed to flip it, and what OS you are running ArtRage on.

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    I re-opened the ptg file and it was back to the original transform. I then rotated using Edit->Transform All Layers, Dragged the corners and hit enter. Everything rotated correctly (canvas and layers).

    Thank you Hannah!

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