Some users have reported that their ArtRage for iPad 1.6 gallery contents are not visible in the gallery after updating to version 2. This post provides some steps you can take if this happens to you.

v2 Galleries.

Version 1 saved all of its files to the iTunes Shared File Space on the iPad. This allowed you to access your files directly from iTunes on a desktop computer, but it prevented us from allowing you to sort your paintings in to folders due to the way that system works. Version 2 stores your paintings in a different location that isn't immediately visible to iTunes on a desktop computer but gives us the ability to manage your files properly and split them in to groups. Both versions store paintings in locations that are backed up when you back up your iPad.

When you first launch v2 your v1 Gallery contents are imported to the new Gallery location. This means they will not be visible in iTunes any more, but you can still Export paintings to iTunes or Import them from iTunes using the Export option for the painting in your new gallery, or the + button in the gallery respectively.

Missing Files After Import - What to do:

If you update to ArtRage for iPad 2 and cannot see your paintings in the Gallery there are two possible causes:

  1. The process of importing your gallery was interrupted and it did not complete.
  2. ArtRage was removed from your iPad before the update.

Import Interrupted During First Launch.

In the first case, closing the app during initial import, or anything else interrupting the import process could prevent the gallery being properly imported. This does not mean your files are lost however - They should still be importable from the old gallery location. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Gallery and tap the + button at the top right.
  2. Select the Import option.
  3. Select the Import from iTunes option that appears.

All of the paintings stored in the old gallery location will be displayed, select them and choose to import them and your gallery will be restored.

ArtRage Removed from your iPad.

If ArtRage is removed from your iPad for any reason, all files associated with it are also removed. This is something we cannot prevent and the same will happen with any application. In some cases we have heard of updates removing the app completely (especially if you download the new version in iTunes on a desktop computer then manually remove the app to install the new one).

In this case, there is no way to prevent the gallery files being deleted. All you can do if the app was completely removed is try restoring from a backup, which will re-add all of your files, then run the update again directly on your iPad. This should replace the 1.6 version with the 2.0 version without deleting the files.

Further Assistance:

If you have followed the steps indicated and are unable to import your files please contact and we can look in to it for you. Please note that if the app was removed from your iPad and you do not have a backup we have no way to help you recover lost files.