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Thread: having trouble with symmetry tool

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    having trouble with symmetry tool

    symmetry tool isnt perfectly symmetrical... pen strokes aren't mirroring evenly, tapers are on opposite sides, sometimes applied pen settings won't even appear. symmetry tool is one of my favorite artrage features. anyone else experiencing this issue? i tried relaunching twice..

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    I struggled to reproduce this but I finally found it! This will occur in 4.5.6 or later if you do not adjust Taper Length after turning on Symmetry. So, if your ink pen is already set to 100% taper when loading ArtRage then you turn on symmetry and paint, you get the problem. Adjust taper length again after turning on symmetry and it will be fixed.

    We'll apply a fix to this in the next update.
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    And the shapes?

    And is there a hidden mode to get stencil shapes work in the symmetry mode?

    Would be nice to have such a mode.
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