Hello my name is Daniel and I am having a bit of trouble using the pencil tool in ArtRage 4. My operating system is Windows 7 64-bit and the version of ArtRage that I am currently using is ArtRage 4 64-bit (full version). The only problem that I found with ArtRage 4 is the pencil tool and how it appears to lag and behave in a strange manner. For example when using the pencil tool to begin drawing It will not register nothing until you constantly swipe the stylus back and forth. By the way I am using a Wacom Intuos pen and touch graphics tablet, when using other drawing software like Autodesk Sketchbook the pencil tool never lags nor loses constant pressure sensitivity so I know that the problem lies within ArtRage 4. In the past I used ArtRage 3 Studio and sometimes still do and the pencil tool never seems to lag like in ArtRage 4 which makes me confirm that it is not the graphic tablet that I am using causing this issue, please if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this problem please do not hesitate to share any advice.