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Thread: the best way to redraw and recolors a full movie.

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    the best way to redraw and recolors a full movie.

    Hello to everyone.

    I'm a new user of artRage. I've found this tool because I'm a psychologist and I love to create stories. Some time ago I've got the idea to change the dialogue and the graphic style of an old movie,called "The Last Temptation of Christ created on 1988 by Martin Scorsese). So,I cut some scenes,I found the subtitles of this movie and I've created my personal view of it. The next step is to redraw every frame using my personal draw style. After a complicated searching I've found artRage. After the first look I've understood that it is the best drawing tool all around. Now I need your help to complete the project. Since I have to redraw something like 160.000 frames I need to know what's the easier way. So far I've used a filter to remove the original colors of each frame. The tool that I used is called "akvis draw". I need to to complete the borders of the figures so that I can use the auto-fill color feature. I've attached 3 pictures :

    1) 600.jpg : the original picture

    2) 600.png : how looks the picture after that akvis draw did its job

    3) 12088488_10206904263381007_2723214752441394295_n.j pg : how looks the picture after that I've closed the borders of the items and I've filled the closed figures with colors.

    Since I'm not satisfied,if you know a faster and better way to work,let me know,thanks.
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