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Thread: Transformation missing some features

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    Transformation missing some features

    When choosing "transform option" it's not possible to unproportially change the size of the layer anymore. Unlike in the previous version, there are no corner handles displayed which would allow to stretch the layer size freely.

    While in "transform mode" a layer used to become transparent. This way one could place the layer precisely in relation to other layers. In the new version a layer becomes 100% intransparent when in transform mode. (Even when the layers transparency itself was set to 50% it will change to intrasparent as soon as "transform" is chosen, covering all layers below it)

    Are there any settings or gestures to bring back handles and transparency when transforming layers?

    Thank you for your support!

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    We'll be re-adding non-uniform transformations in an update, the new transform system was a complete rewrite and unfortunately they got missed in the initial implementation.
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    Thank you a lot for your superfast response!

    Good to know these features will be implemented again

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