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Thread: ArtRage 4.5.7 64 bit crashing (Windows 10)

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    ArtRage 4.5.7 64 bit crashing (Windows 10)

    ArtRage 4.5.7 64 bit crashing (Windows 10). Just lost a couple hours work, was so concentrated forgot to keep saving (no automatic save option as far as I can tell usually select every couple of minutes in other software, because I tend to get lost in what I am doing and forget the save - not really a digital artist so unused to this problem) - and no recover after crashing!!! Bad!!! Very Bad!! All these need urgent attention!

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    This is of little consolation to you, but there is a backup storage option in the advance preferences. I think you need to have saved your painting first though, and still have to press Ctrl-S (save) now and then as you work. There are details in the help manual (page 107).

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    Sorry to hear about the problem. Could you get in touch with us at and let us know what you were doing when you experienced the crash and we can look in to it for you. We'll need to know what kind of input device you are using as well.
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