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Thread: ArtRage 2, iPad mini 4, Pogo Connect 1.5

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    ArtRage 2, iPad mini 4, Pogo Connect 1.5

    I was excited to see the update to ArtRage 2 appear in the App Store, since I thought it would include updates to Pogo Connect support to get it working again under iOS 9. Unfortunately, ArtRage 2 crashes immediately after I enable Pogo Connect support. Just checking to see if this is a known issue - other apps (Procreate, Inspire Pro) seem to be working correctly at this point.

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    I've just been able to replicate a crash - it didn't happen on enabling the pen for me (I was able to paint some strokes too) but it did happen later. Will look in to it now, we have an update scheduled for this week and we should be able to address this in that.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Update: I've fixed this problem in our local build and we'll be submitting in the next couple of days after we've made sure that there aren't any other issues. As this is such a big rebuild of the product there may be a few things that weren't spotted during our beta process but we'll be addressing them as quickly as possible. Sorry again for the problem!
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    Matt - thanks, glad you were able to replicate the crash and get a fix into an update. Also, I messed up a bit in the title of the thread - I have a Pogo Connect 1.1 stylus, not 1.5 (which appears to be a product I invented) - not sure if you're using the newer 2.0 version of the stylus or not, but if you are, perhaps that accounts for the timing of the crash being different?

    Thanks again for the quick reply!


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