ArtRage for iPad 2.0 is now available to download through iTunes. This update includes a lot of changes, including a major redesign of the UI and backend code for improved performance and usability. It also includes compatibility for Wacom styluses on iOS9, support for new styluses, and a variety of new features.

When you first start 2.0, it will import all your paintings from 1.6. If you need to interrupt this process, read the pop-up that shows up the first time you open the app for instructions on manually importing the rest of your paintings.

New Tools:

Glitter Tube: Sprinkles particles of various shapes.
Gloop Pen: Creates expanding wet strokes with a variety of properties.

New File Sharing Support:

Support added for Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, DeviantArt

Upload / Download files using available services.
Import and export Layers using available services.
Load Tracing Images and Reference Images from available services.
Load ArtRage and Image files from Mail, Photos, iTunes File Sharing.
iOS support for Facebook and Twitter added.
Supports iOS Copy/Paste.


Transparency support added.
Custom canvas presets can now be created.
Custom canvas size presets can now be created.


Redesigned and rebuilt for current iOS.
Significantly improved the speed of panel responses.
Significantly improved the speed of layer transformations.
New three finger tool size gesture preview for accuracy.
Tap / Drag / Release gestures for tool sizing and color picking added.
Color Sample Lens functionality added.
Precise color picker added with numeric selection of color values (HLS/RGB).
Added quick access to New and Export functionality from the canvas view without needing to go to the Gallery.
Preferences shifted inside the application.


Paintings can now be sorted in to folders with folder management tools available.
Gallery layout changed to a grid layout with page view optional.

Resource Pickers:

Custom resources can be sorted in to categories in the picker.
New Size presets allow easy recovery of favorite canvas sizes.
Custom canvas presets can now be stored.

Bluetooth Stylus Support:

Updated all stylus support to current standards.
Added support for Adobe Ink.
Added support for current Adonit models.
Improved support for current Wacom models.
Improved support for Pogo Styluses.


64 bit support.
Improved memory handling and stability.
Improved background task processing for long operations such as file sharing.

For more details, see the news announcement: and the new online manual section here: