Why is the Oil Brush outline cursor's orientation locked to the canvas orientation and not to a graphics tablet's pen orientation?
The visual discrepancy of what the outline cursor suggests the line width will be after rotating the canvas and the line width actually made can I find be a bit confusing at times when using a flat brush.
By comparison a loaded Palette Knife cursor works exactly as one would expect and remains locked to the pen, ignoring the canvas orientation.

I've made a short vid to help illustrate what I mean here: https://youtu.be/ZuOYAJSD80Y
The graphics pen's orientation remains the same throughout. Only the canvas is rotated.
With the Oil Brush after rotating the canvas the cursor's orientation remains locked to that of the canvas. So after rotating the canvas 90 the cursor suggests that pulling the brush to the right will give a thin line but it should be indicating that a wide line will still be made. And likewise when moving down it suggests a wide line will be made when in fact it will be a thin line.