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Thread: Problem with Tablet PC stylus pen

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    Problem with Tablet PC stylus pen

    These are my setup:
    Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S1
    Windows 8.1
    ArtRage 4.5.3 64 bit
    Wacom TABLET PC Enhanced Tablet Driver 7.3.1-7
    ArtRage Input Device setting: Realtime stylus off, Wintab on, Precise tablet on.

    I recently updated to the above driver from version 7.2.0-4, and started to encounter the following problem:

    I touch the screen to start painting but the painting continues even after I lift the pen off the screen, i.e. I can paint by hovering the pen 1/2" above the screen. At this point, the tool cursor is frozen on the screen and I can not operate any menu, control items, or panels with the pen. The stylus is "locked" in painting mode. The only way to restore control is when I left click the touch pad or touch the screen with my finger.

    Turning on Realtime stylus fixes this problem. However, in my testing, I get better pressure sensitivity using just Wintab than using Realtime stylus. Also the reason for the driver update is for better pressure sensitivity. Thank you very much for your help.

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    This sounds like some issues we've seen with Wintab drivers interacting poorly with a system that should be using Realtime Stylus. RTS is designed for any device that has an interactive screen, and while it's possible for Wintab drivers to sit alongside that, we've seen a number that interfere with the inbuilt system and cause problems.

    In general, you should not install any drivers for your device that are not provided by the vendor. We've spoken to Wacom about this and they inform us that they provide the vendor with drivers and the vendor often adjusts them to make sure that they are compatible with the hardware, the Wacom driver provided to the public is a generic driver that may not work properly with a given device.

    In this case there is something you can try: Turn Wintab on and Precise Tablet off. We've seen a bunch of cases where the driver doesn't actually provide precise tablet data but indicates that it does and I think some of these may have resulted in strokes not completing.

    If that doesn't help, you will have to run with RTS as that's the default input model your system supports (especially in 8.1). RTS is technically capable of supporting exactly the same pressure range as Wintab however so there should be no difference. If you installed the Wacom drivers manually in addition to the default driver on the system you could try uninstalling them to see if that helps, there may be an issue with interaction. Otherwise, you could also try turning off 'Use Windows Ink' in the Wacom driver (which is usually located in the Mapping tab) to see if that helps, we've seen situations in which the Wacom driver providing RTS data using that option causes problems with native RTS input.
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