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Thread: Interesting article on creativity

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    Interesting article on creativity

    I just happened across this article.

    There may be hope after all for the abstract and goofy picture makers among us.

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    Artists have known about the potential of happy accidents for ages but this was an interesting article. Thanks for posting it.

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    A lot of what we create in ArtRage is serendipitous. As you try each tool, sometimes you stumble upon something completely different than you originally had in mind. At times, hours can go by and you don't realize just how it got to be several hours later.

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    The article is quite interesting, a little less picbreeder i think.
    As a matter of fact creativity, rather than just adapting and learning from negative experience and serendipity using an immense stack of resources or opportunities, is in my modest opinion an even more complex and slightly different process which relies, in the best of cases on a specific intuition (eureka!) to close a gap, as well as a sort of conceptual web, a flexible paradigmatic structure (or neuronal net as its physical support) where a shortcut sudden occurs. Why do I speak of a "gap" (a lack of complete understanding or a frustration if You wish)? Because i see the process to be probably a two different paths (i.e. from two different starting points) to a solution. You have to progress on either way until the two paths meet, one being the search for whatever may look curious or interesting among the various experience we have and the other some sort of vague enough objectives, interests or aims we have. To get these two paths to a meeting point somewhere (the result) a lot depends on what is Your mind structure and paradigms though (something we may always evolve and improve) which may assure You eventually hit and even that you may get the best meeting point among various options. Softwares may only, in the best of the cases, support, not give you the path, least the solution for the reason I expose herebelow.
    Since all our brain and memory and skills and experiences are theoretically concerned, everything may be useful to the creative process, so all we witnessed, learned, observed made, any discipline or art or manual ability we stored would concur to creativity, i.e. not only visual experience for visual art or mathematical knowledge for a new mathematical branch and so on, although enough fundamentals are more or less required in any field to start in these days, or no notions at all, creativity most unlikely.
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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