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Thread: Touch vs Stylus separation

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    Touch vs Stylus separation

    What would be really great is if ArtRage could differentiate between touch input and stylus input on devices like the Galaxy Note series. Have a setting where touch is still activated but restricted solely for UI control, brush settings, etc, but touch cannot actually draw or paint on the canvas, which could only occur through stylus contact.

    This is after all how real paper and media actually work. Your fingers aren't a pencil and won't make marks so you can touch and handle your paper with comparable abandon. Most people rest the edge of the palm and the entire edge of the little finger on the page to write and draw. But most devices 'palm rejection' stylus technology simply doesn't allow this without frequent errors. So infuriating. You have to always remember carefully to put the stylus down first before resting your hand. Awful.

    Simply turning off touch sensitivity and going stylus only is not the solution either. This is possible now in the PC version but it's not very usable. Now all UI interaction has to be through the stylus, ugh. Fingers are extremely fast and natural for panning, zooming, choosing brushes, etc.

    It's still very very aggravating to have to be so careful to not touch the screen inadvertently, I find I almost need to wear a glove on the drawing hand or put a pad down under my palm edge area to prevent touches. Look up Smudge Guard half glove thing - that's a thing! Not good solutions.

    Of course this would also be a great feature to apply across the computer and iOS versions as well. It's a problem on all platforms.

    Solving this issue I think would make for amazingly fluid and comfortable drawing. It would be a HUGE improvement.

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    I use the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014.. and mine works perfectly..

    Go to settings. make sure the Stylus Only (2nd setting down) is set to stylus only.. not finger and stylus.

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