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Thread: including a drawing prevents playback at larger resolutions?

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    including a drawing prevents playback at larger resolutions?

    The Artrage manual states:

    "Important: Including the current painting in your script prevents
    the script being played back at larger size later. Do not turn the
    option on unless you specifically want paint that is already on the
    canvas to be included in script playback."

    This seems like a very severe limitation. The query is about workarounds.

    As a minimum, I would like to trace, in Artrage, an imported photo of a pencil sketch, script an artwork based on it, and play it back at larger size. The layer that contains the imported photo could be discarded if required to enable larger size playback.

    What can be done? If resampling cannot currently be accomplished as part of larger size script playback, consider adding a feature.

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    Importing an image file to a layer is recorded in the script and can be scaled up on playback. There are a variety of internal reasons that a painting that contains pre-existing canvas contents can't be scaled up, but in this case you shouldn't have a problem if you use the import to layer method.

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    Resizing a Script file??

    I imported a layer of pre-existing content and work from there building up an image. I used Script function in hope to create a large enough file to resize it for a larger print, (the saved file was not responding to ' play '. I assume the file was too large, or it was due to the imported layer...the purpose of it was to be able to generate a larger size for final print. As I am very new to ArtRage and computers as such I would be grateful to receive a tip re how do we go about changing the preset for larger work. Would it work in this case..? (Would working from the imported layer prevent it from being resized?). If parameters for the print are about 80x50cm what this would mean in terms of pixels? How do you change sizing parameters/ changing the presets? Many thanks for your tips and support.

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    Hi Iskra! I've been answering what I'm pretty sure are your emails - if you still have questions, you're welcome to keep asking here, or by email.

    (Also it's often slightly less confusing for people if you start a new forum thread, otherwise people just assume it's part of the earlier discussion. You'll get more answers if you post a new thread, as long as it's clearly a new question).

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