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Thread: ArtRage Studio 3 (not Pro) - problem - brush stroke lag

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    ArtRage Studio 3 (not Pro) - problem - brush stroke lag

    I installed a few days ago the demo version of Photoshop and I feel that Photoshop is interfering with the entire configuration of ArtRage Studio 3 in terms that any brush stroke has a 3-5 seconds delay which is no longer acceptable using ArtRage for just about anything.

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    It seems unlikely that the Photoshop installation would have done anything too deep to the system but there's a chance that it installed something that interfered with the general stylus system. This usually happens if there's a conflict between the older Wintab standard of stylus input and the newer Microsoft 'Realtime Stylus' standard. ArtRage supports both, most apps only support Wintab.

    In this case, the first thing to try would be going to the Preferences panel in ArtRage and under the Input section turn off Use Realtime Stylus, make sure that Use Wintab is turned on, then restart ArtRage and see if that helps. If it doesn't, please drop an email to and let us know and we can do some troubleshooting with you to see if we can track down the cause.
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