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Thread: Sticker and random luminance

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    Sticker and random luminance

    Hi there

    I would expect that:

    if I set [Spray Variation/Luminance/Random/-4] I would see my chosen color plus some darker color.


    if I set [Spray Variation/Luminance/Random/+4] I would see my chosen color plus some lighter color.

    But that seams not to be the case.

    I get the same variation whatever it is plus or minus.


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    From what I understand of the luminance/random dial, it basically adjusts the base value. Whether you make the vault of the randomization positive or negative is irrelevant, because the shift will always bounce between the range of steps. To control where those values stand on the luminance scale, you need to shift the Base Value to match. So if you're looking for a shift of luminance that only only goes from the base value into a lighter range, you'd want to increase the luminance/Base Value dial to a positive value, along with the luminance/random dial.

    For example:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yup. Or to put it another way, the Random value tells it to vary by X% around the current value. You can't have a negative percentage for this specific case.

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    Thank you to both for the reply

    Special thanks to Someonesane for taking time to verify the problem an bringing/illustrating a solution.
    Great it is just as I want it!


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