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Thread: Help :) What am I doing wrong?

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    Help :) What am I doing wrong?


    When I send a saved PNG image from my computer via gmail it saves normally but when I open it in either my ipad, iphone or to use in Print Shop it looks like it's being viewed in the negative. In other words what should be transparent is black. The colors show up but they are not as they appear in the original saved PNG and the text is not readable either. I have tried exporting it without merging all the layers as well as merging all the layers but it made no difference. Is this something I am doing or a issue with compatibility with iphone, ipad and Print Shop?

    Thank you

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    Hi there!

    If you have exported a painting from ArtRage as a PNG with a transparent background, and when you open that file in another application the background is being displayed as black instead of transparent, the most likely cause is that the application you are opening the file in displays transparent areas as black or doesn't support transparency.

    Please email an example PNG you have exported from ArtRage which shows the problem to and we can take a look at it here for you to see what's causing this.

    When you email us, please include the version of ArtRage you're exporting from.
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