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    Lightbulb cartoon border

    is there a way such as on photoshop to make a dark cartoon border on your drawing without having to layer?

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    I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're trying to achieve, but maybe something I posted in this thread, may help (particularly this part)? I discuss some methods I use there, as well as share some tools that may be of use to you, in doing comics in ArtRage. You might also find this post useful, where I provide a video link to a method I use for outlining speech bubbles.
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    Hi kevinvoros- If my guess is right, you might be referring to the 'stroke' option in layer styles? It puts a solid outline around a set of pixels in various ways selected by the artist? If so, then no, there is no automatic or procedural way to do this in ArtRage. However you *can* duplicate your layer, lock the transparency and color in the entire shape with a dark color, place it beneath your layer that you want to outline and perform a non-uniform scale on it till its extents float outside the region obscured by the primary layer in question. This will effectively outline your image.

    Alternatively, you can make a stencil from your layer, switch it to 'guide' mode and 'draw' an outline around it using what ever tool pleases you.

    The second option allows you to do it with NO additional layers. The first adds a layer (going against your original request) but you can flatten the two when you're satisfied.
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