We just released ArtRage Lite, an introductory version of ArtRage 4. If you don't own a desktop edition of ArtRage yet, ArtRage Lite is a cheaper, slightly more user-friendly version that will let you edit your paintings from the mobile ArtRage apps, replay scripts, or start getting used to painting on the computer. It also includes the option to upgrade to ArtRage 4 at a 50% discount.

The feature set is roughly equivalent to ArtRage Studio, with a few tweaks and updates (e.g. 64-bit & Wacom stylus tilt support). You can compare the available features of ArtRage Lite and ArtRage 4 in detail here: https://www.artrage.com/artrage-lite/features

If you already own ArtRage 2 or 3, then - while you certainly can buy ArtRage Lite - you're best off just upgrading straight to ArtRage 4 with the 50% upgrade discount.

For more details, check out the announcement and the product page.