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Thread: Why are we still Painting?

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    Also, I for one would like to learn the traditional methods.. I think there are some things that shouldn't be the exclusive domain of computers.
    I totally agree.
    There's a certain beauty in making traditional art, especially now that AI has reared its head.

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    I find digital artists still need to possess drawing and painting skills, as well as a deep understanding of color theory, composition, and artistic concepts. One more is painting digitally can be a valuable and convenient option, especially in situations where carrying traditional art supplies may be impractical or when you want to work on the go. Whether you choose to create art digitally or traditionally, both mediums offer unique experiences and possibilities.

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    Valid point! Digital art creation includes much more than traditional painting. Perhaps a new term is needed to capture its unique complexity and tools.

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    I use tools like ArtRage it seems like to refer to our work as a "painting" sort of misses the mark, and is a throwback reference to what is a simulated exercise. Digital image creation has so many more tools, and great complexity and the way you create color is as far removed from traditional painting as photography was when it was first created. Someone smarter than me should coin a new term for digital image creation, maybe they all ready have and I am just unaware of it. Does this strike any resonance with the rest of you? Anyway just my 2 cent observation of the day

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    It is a way of connecting with your inner self. And more often than not, we remain surprised with what we see.

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    This is an intriguing question and one that speaks to the heart of why art, in its traditional forms, continues to be relevant and cherished even in our digital age.

    Painting, as an art form, is much more than a visual representation; it's a deeply personal journey and a form of expression that transcends time and technology. The act of painting engages us in a tactile and sensory experience that digital mediums cannot replicate. Each brush stroke carries with it the weight of emotion, the subtlety of thought, and the touch of humanity.

    In a world increasingly dominated by screens and virtual interactions, painting remains a grounding and authentic practice. It connects us to the historical lineage of artists and storytellers who have used their canvases to capture the essence of their times, emotions, and surroundings.

    Moreover, painting is therapeutic and meditative. It allows artists and viewers alike to slow down, reflect, and engage with a piece at a more intimate level. It's a form of communication that speaks in colors, textures, and forms, often conveying messages that words alone cannot.

    So, why are we still painting? Because it's an irreplaceable facet of human expression that continues to evolve, inspire, and connect us in ways that nothing else can.

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    As an artist I show my moods and emotion in the paintings, artworks

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