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Thread: Win 10 wiped my registation

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    Win 10 wiped my registation

    After upgrading to Windows 10, it seems that it reset the activation of my Artrage Studio Pro. I don't have the serial number anymore, since I downloaded it back in 2012. I've tried contacting Tech Support for some help, but it's been several weeks and I haven't heard back from them.

    I'd love to be able to use the program, but whenever it comes up, it's stuck asking for the activation key. It was working perfectly fine before I upgraded, although I didn't use it that often. It was fully paid for and activated, I just never got around to registering it.
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    Hi there! Sorry to hear you didn't get a reply. Can you try emailing us again, in case we missed your email, or it went into the spam folder? (Rare, but it does happen). Make sure to email us at

    If you purchased it from us originally, we should be able to look up your details, but we'll need to handle that privately by email.

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