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Thread: Acrylic Simulator? - feed me!

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    Question Acrylic Simulator? - feed me!

    This seems like the only thing missing from Art Rage - a smooth stroke acrylic brush. Using oil in it's place still creates scapula erosion (great effect in it's own place). Makes it really difficult to do comic styling, or anything Fulton related. Could this be an addition to the next version? Is there a workaround in V 4.5?

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    Do not know if it will help you.... but all the sticker brushes can have an opaque quality.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AR-Aaron View Post
    Makes it really difficult to do comic styling, or anything Fulton related. Is there a workaround in V 4.5?
    When you say "Fulton related", I take it you mean Damion Fulton?

    Here's a list of other threads I've replied to, that all have a little bit of information on how to attain certain effects with ArtRage. The first four links, in particular, will probably be the most useful to you, if you're attempting to get a piece that has a style resembling Damion Fulton's work.

    1. Scratchy texture
    2. James Jean Style
    3. Oil Brush Tips
    4. Scubbled Surfaces
    5. Painting Chrome Using the Crayon
    6. Copic Style Coloring
    7. Charcoal Style
    8. Painting Glass (oil brush only, I believe), with .ARSCRIPT playback download
    9. Crayon on heavy textured canvas
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