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Thread: What is the largest canvas size?

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    What is the largest canvas size?

    Hi all

    I am the professional artist and I produce both digital artworks and oil/acrylic paintings. For my digital work I use Photoshop CC which has limitations in terms of natural media, I like to work big for pro projects and was wondering if Artrage 4 can allow me to construct images up to 300 (w) x 150 (h) at 200ppi. I have the hardware to do this and more with PScc, just wondering Artrage 4 is up to it. I have version 2.5 and there is a cut off point in terms of image size.

    Thanks in advance.


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    What measurement scale are you using? 300 x 150 inches? centimeters? By my understanding if you intend to print this work, 220 ppi is a little on the low side. 300 ppi is best for printed work. Unless it is going to be very large and viewed from a little distance. Then 220 may be fine.

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    Hello Chris and welcome to the forums
    AR4.5 could do it. At least there is no internal size limit to stop it. (but 300 x 150 ?)
    The big limit will be your system, what maybe is powerful for PS may only be adequate for AR4.5 on large canvases as AR4.5 has a lot more data to process, i.e. paint volume, wetness etc…
    AR4.5 is CPU intensive so the faster that is the better. Next having lots of fast RAM will help. AR4.5 is 64-bit and can use all the RAM you can through at it, where as AR2.5 was a 32-bit program so could only ever access around 4Gig of RAM at most, regardless of what was installed on a system.
    An SSD drive would also be good for fast read/write times.

    As you reach the limits of CPU and HD speed, things will start to slow and take longer to complete but they will complete, so the week link will be RAM as at some point you will run out.
    One other thing to bear in mind is that 500% is still the max size any tool will go to and this can become something of an issue with large canvases.
    AR4.5 is definitely worth buying just for the features and performance improvements over AR2.5 but if you wanted to try it out first you can download a fully working trial version and see how you fair.
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    Hi all.

    Thanks for the information...sorry, I work in cm with 200ppi ( this ppi is more than adequate for print ) the largest digital image I have produced and printed is 270 x 980cm (actual PS file size) at 200ppi and it looked great and there was no loss in quality.

    I have 32gb ram, separate ssd's for scratch disks/ x64 bit OS/ storage x4 with an i7 3820 at 3.60Ghz cpu so hardware is not an issue.

    I have been using the trial version of artrage 4 and love its natural media and water colour brush so to know Artrage can produce large files is great!

    Many thanks,


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    300cm @ 200DPI is about 32000 pixels, which is much higher than my system can support (but I only have 8GB RAM). I can get it to 18000-20000 pixels without problems. I'd love to find out how big you could get it with 32 GB of RAM!

    The watercolour brush is one of the most demanding, unfortunately, so you will run into more problems using it at large sizes. It should still be usable, but it will start to lag more than the other painting tools.You will also run into lag issues with the Transform tool and anything involving copying and pasting (because ArtRage will be moving around so much data).

    You can also try recording a script when you paint and then replay it back at a higher resolution. This sidesteps the relative brush size issue, and means that you don't have to deal directly with any slowdowns from the enormous sizes you'll be working at.

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