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Thread: Crashing upon startup

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    Crashing upon startup

    hello! i got artrage about a month ago (there was an option to download it free with my new tablet), and while i was drawing something with a rather large canvas, the program crashed. i thought that it'd be fine and restore my picture, but that may have been the problem. the image size was so much, it was likely the cause of it continuously crashing upon booting it up. after a couple unsuccessful tries, i uninstalled and reinstalled it. no such luck.
    (im using windows 8 and artrage 3.5 studio)
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    Are you able to start ArtRage with a new canvas? Does it only crash when you try and open that particular painting again, or just whenever you open a new instance of ArtRage?

    If it only crashes with that file, then something's wrong with the file. If you email it to us at we'll take a look at it.

    If it crashes no matter what, then something else is going on. Can you try the following two things, and if they don't help, contact us at for further troubleshooting?

    1. Delete your preferences (these aren't always removed when you uninstall)

    Open up the Run dialog (Windows key + R) and type: Appdata
    The Appdata folder should open. Then go to Roaming > Ambient Design > ArtRage 3 > delete the file artrage.prs

    2. Start the computer in Safe Mode.

    Safe Mode prevents any ‘extra’ programs running, and if ArtRage doesn’t crash at all, then we know something else is interfering, and can start looking at what.

    To choose Safe Mode, you need to hold down F8 before the computer starts up properly and the Windows logo appears. This stage can flash by very quickly on some computers. You can restart the computer again to get out of safe mode.

    There are also instructions here for starting in safe mode:

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    when i do boot up the program, it starts up with a new canvas, but i cant do anything at all since it freezes up right away. also, artrage.prs doesn't seem to exist. i just reinstalled this the other night, so there probably arent any preferences.
    i will try that safemode solution though! thank you!

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    This sounds like it's either a problem with tablet drivers or preferences. The ArtRage preferences file is not deleted when you uninstall the product, and it is always created when the application closes so it's likely that it does exist on your computer and as the problem started after a crash rather than after updating drivers this is the likely cause.

    If you start the application and click on the Edit button in the menu bar before clicking on the canvas, that may not freeze. If this is the case, select the Preferences item in the edit menu and use the Menu button at the top right of that panel to reset preferences, then restart ArtRage and see if that fixes the problem.

    If it does not, we need to double check your computer to make sure that the file has been deleted. As I mentioned above, uninstalling doesn't delete this file so let's check exactly where it should be:

    If you follow Hannah's instructions and open the AppData/Roaming/Ambient Design folder, check all the folders in there for a file called artrage.prs. If you have file extensions hidden it may just appear as 'artrage', check any files with that name. If you find a PRS file, delete it.

    If none of that works, we should look at reinstalling tablet drivers.
    ArtRage UI
    Ambient Design.

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    the thing is, it crashes no matter what, i dont even have to really click it for it to freeze up.
    i've searched through, artrage.prs doesnt exist at all. theres nothing similar to it (nothing labeled artrage within the folder for it, no other .prs files) in there either.
    edit: i looked into downloading a new tablet driver, started working normally after i finished installing it and restarting! thank you both for your help!
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