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Thread: Recovering files after crash

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    Question Recovering files after crash

    I'm testing the crashes on Win10 and I noticed that after Artrage crashes there are tons of ARU_*****.tmp files left in the hard disk.
    But even if I click on Recover after Artrage restarts nothing happens.
    Is there a way to retrieve the lost work using these TMP files?

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    Hello Aledin,
    I'm going to stick my neck out a bit here and say that no you can't reconstruct a painting from those files.
    But one of the developers would have to give a definitive answer on that.

    Having AR's backup feature enabled is one safeguard you can use. It makes an incremental copy of your work every time you save. But if you haven't hit Save for a long time then should a crash happen you will still loose everything back to the last save point.
    It's also probably worth noting here that if a crash leaves you with a damaged file, say with the thumbnail showing more of a painting than the .ptg file actually contains or a file that won't open but still shows a thumbnail, you can retrieve that thumbnail as a full sized single layer.
    Instead of opening the .ptg file as per normal, instead launch AR on it's own and then use; File > 'Import Image File…'
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    Thanks for the reply, Mark.

    The backup function is good and I'll use it, but at the moment with the Win10 issues the crashes are too frequent. I was just wondering if the TMP files were supposed to be retrieved by the Recover function somehow, but that didn't work, and I did it a few times.

    If that can't be done I'll have to wait for the source of the problem to be found. Hopefully soon.

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    Those files aren't related to data recovery - they're temporary files to do with undos and similar data. The file you're looking for is ARRestart.ptg - if that doesn't exist, then ArtRage didn't manage to save anything before it crashed.

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