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Thread: Painter 2016 - anyone..? ArtRage 5..? Anyone?

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    . . .However, I really don't have much use for the new musical brushes. Yes, they really added musical brushes. I guess, if you are into trying to combine the two art forms, this is something you would like. . .
    Wow! The mind boggles as to what that might mean in practical use. I recall that since the very earliest days of personal computing that they have had programs that generated music in practical yet also in abstract ways -- supposedly in an effort to bridge the concept of correlating color and tone with notes or pitches. And well before that musicians have drawn inspiration from and actually tried to transpose art into music and artists have messed with similar concepts, particularly in areas of abstraction where they were working for other ends than subjective ends. That's most intriguing to see whether it would feel right using those musical brushes or whether it would open up something wholly different.

    I can also imagine that it opens the door to visually impaired artists who could pick colors and formulate a relationship or even a paradigm based on sound. Pretty darn interesting conceptually.

    Anyway, it's too rich for me to try out and I don't have a need for it. But it sounds like a brilliant play thing for tripping out, hahah. I remember when we first had color paint programs on the Amiga computer with D-Paint and the like and some of those brushes created kaleidoscopic patterns that cycled the 16 colors. . . intense fun in a darkened room creating light shows. But there was really nowhere to take it. But it was so sensory and exciting as the virtual painter's curtain opened for the world! Wow. I know those stupid little "hacks" inspired me to really dive in. It was irresistible bait for the creator in me.

    Nice to see someone trying to push the envelope and try to create a market in a new area regardless whether I can justify buying it or not. Sadly, it's too rich for my blood for a lark. My money's spent elsewhere.

    But I still think that for the visually impaired and for those with more of an auditory bent, this could be super. I also don't need prosthetic legs thankfully and would blanch at the price of buying some, but I don't have a problem with people developing those masterpieces for those who can use it where no price is likely too much. I was sort of surprised to see how many legally blind artists are out there, some of whom post incredible stuff in the forum. They work with what they have because it has meaning and joy for them. It may be hard for them to do regular art in the real world because it lacks the magnification tools and brightness controls and so on.

    Yeah, yeah. . . Go ArtRage and all that (meaningfully stated here). But credit where credit is due.
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