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Thread: Slow saves of large files; can this be tuned?

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    Slow saves of large files; can this be tuned?

    Setup: dual Xeon CPU 8-cores at 2.93gHz, 64GB ram, Windows 7.

    The canvas size is 16000x10666. With one layer, and relatively little brushwork, saving the file takes about 30 seconds. Windows task manager indicates that one core has heavier loading than the others, hovering around 50%, but maxing only on brief spikes. The total CPU utilization between the 8 cores is < 10%. The hard disk light is lit only about 15% of the time during the save. 30 seconds is not problematic for a save, but as brushwork and layers are added, the save time may become so.

    At this point in the development of the painting, there is 50GB of free ram, so swapping is not an issue.
    Can the speed of saves can be increased by relocating Artrage temp files to other physical disks? Can any other tuning be done?
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    Hi notaverygoodartis (but I'm sure you are)
    Ah, the Holy Grail of instant load and save times!
    If you've not found it before, this thread from 2013 about save times may be of interest to you. In particular Matts post #7 explains a bit about how AR saves and why it dose it the way it dose;
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    Thanks, MarkW.

    With one layer, and only rough brush work, the painting has grown from 50MB to 595MB. Although the canvas size was chosen to permit very fine brush work, it looks like the file size could grow to the order of 10GB or more, depending upon how much of a Dutch Master the artist wants to be. The Ambient software team probably uses lossless compression to save files, so it's just a limit of the technology.

    This was a kind of experiment, to see what the practical limits are. Now I'll start over, reducing the linear dimensions by 2 for an area reduction of 4, and I'll have Artrage create a script.

    It would be nice if, in my new downsized canvas, I could include the current painting as a layer to trace from. But the reference at states,
    "Important: Including the current painting in your script prevents the script being played back at larger size later. Do not turn the option on unless you specifically want paint that is already on the canvas to be included in script playback. If you do need to include the current painting, consider Merging all Layers before you record the Script, this will cut down on the size of the eventual Script File."

    It would be nice if the scripting facility allowed a tracing layer to be initially included, then deleted, without being part of the script, so that the script would then allow resizing.

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