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Thread: a lot of "layer hidden" and "layer locked" errors

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    Unhappy a lot of "layer hidden" and "layer locked" errors

    My script have a lot of "Layer hidden" and "Layer Locked" pop-ups started from somewhere around 15-20% (and it keeps popping up all the way to the end of a script)

    The problem is, my script is (probably) longer than 24 hours of painting(Tracing, to be accurate), contain almost 4 million lines of code, ~900 Megabytes.
    I mean, uploading my script and send to support[at]artrage[dot]com is almost impossible for me.

    Is there anyway to fix this?
    something like showing the "current line number" that a script is playing on instead of %.

    another question is,
    is there anyway to keep using normal interface while playing a script?
    because it was switched to WORKBENCH mode automatically (I have never used workbench mode)

    Thank you.

    /Sorry for my bad English

    After trying to comment out all these lines
    EvType: Command	CommandID: CID_SetSpecificLayerLockAll
    EvType: Command	CommandID: CID_ToggleSpecificLayerVisible
    EvType: Command	CommandID: CID_SetTraceVisibility
    It seems to be better than before, those pop-up things is less now. But another problems happened.
    Tools has wrong properties (size/softness/opacity/color/etc.)

    This script is completely messed up.
    I should have recorded the screen with a screen recorder
    Extremely disappointed in ArtRage's recording ...
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