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Thread: Acryilic painting, the real thing

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    Acryilic painting, the real thing

    I didn't do it in AR, but I did the practice run in AR so I feel justified in posting this. It's on an 11 x 14 canvas board, 18 layers, acrylics. A year ago I couldn't do this.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Excellent work Gms! Any art work is good work so I am great with you posting it here. Acrylic painting is tough because it dries so fast. We take that for granted using AR. I personally am using AR in combination with oil painting so that I can someday learn to use colors and painting techniques better. Using AR, is helping me to paint better oil paintings. Thanks for sharing!
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    You got a really good outcome, dear mate.
    I'm since long time a believer that ArtRage is probably also the best software to enter the real painting arena, for either newbies or skilled amateurs/ professionals, to practice, to make studies or different versions so as to make eventually easier handling the actual brush, paints and canvas ....
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    Look at you! Nice GMS!
    Be well,

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