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Thread: A promised portrait

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    A promised portrait

    Here's the sketch (a real, sketchy pencil drawing, not on ArtRage) and the follow-on AR painting I made to this venerable gentleman I meet in Sardinia during our holidays.
    I used a quick, but hopfully effective approach.
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    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Very well done Caesar.

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    The wizened features have been very well captured. The colours applied in ArtRage are indeed very effective.

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    Painting ala Carbonara! Very tasty. The lad looks like Gandalf. So did you do the drawing then? Really good!!!!!! Very impressive.

    Keep up the great work! Very good to see you doing pictures again.

    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    A real drawing on paper, and a beautiful work on AR....!
    Regards from Chile
    "El arte no reproduce lo visible. Lo hace visible" Paul Klee

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    It literally comes to life. The drawing is the master, but the painting is the soul. Your skill really show here with the subtle yet effective illumination.

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    Caesar, the likeness is remarkable, this is so well done and so very nice to see your work again

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    Both look great but my favorite is the drawing

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    Wow! Caesar, these are great - wonderful drawing and the colours bring it to life.

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    Maestro Carboni actually looks this way in his traditional Sardinian costume. He is an artisan and an artist. He manufacture typical Sardinian swithblade knives (even miniaturized 1 cm ones), sculptures with clays and stones, wood carved artworks, paintings etc. He had a most sad experience with a son killed in a road accident and I have a natural empathy with this apparently surly man. Last year I gave him a watercolor I made inspired to him and his attire ad he gave me one of his smallest knives as a little gift. I promised to myself to make and take him a portrait and I used a personal approach so as not to get just a sort of picture, rather tell something about his personality.

    Thank you, dear Bobbi! I had to remove some rust someway ....

    Thank You, dear RedSaucer!. I used the drawing as the background layer, but then I went on painting just checking on his features and borders each now and then, so it's a quite fast and spontaneous one layer only oil portrait. This approach was useful to keep the mental image fresh and clear.

    Dear D Akey, drawing is what I can do reasonably good (with real pencil and sheet I mean) and when I have a model or a refernce it takes me little time and usually I perform quite good, better than when I have to figure out mentally. This gentleman may well recall our EightyPloos in more than a way, although he's probably younger and still keeps long hair on his skull. Thank You for looking and for Your flattering appreciation.

    Thank You, dear maestro Damaso! I'm grateful for Your kind words. I expected You painted your recently won America Cup. Congrats. With Vidal and Isla from my team (Juventus) and Tevez (Juventus as well) not playing, I was glad to see Chile finally get the victory even against Argentina which is a half Italian nation (although they unfortunately they don't support our team similarly and they didn't safeguard our language and culture too over there) ...

    What a compliment and keen comment, dear Mendoza! I blush and thank You very much!

    Thank You, dear Pat. I had to warm up my hands and brain again. Glad you like this portrait and its drawing foundation, although I guess You may have preferred some funny vignette ...

    I would agree with You, dear Jean, but the drawing was a real one witha B1 pencil on a waste paper sheet, not an Artrage outcome, so it plays as a preliminary study here for exhibiting the AR spin-off.

    Thank you, dear Junie! I hope You kept memory also of some people and peculiar guys from your last holidays. I find it's part of the images and pictures defining a vacation and they're a good subject to draw and paint as well!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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