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Thread: ArtRage for iPad 1?

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    ArtRage for iPad 1?

    I love ArtRage for PC, and I want it on mobile, too. The only problem is that I have an iPad 1, so I cannot upgrade to iOS 6.
    I know on some apps you can download an earlier version of the app that is compatible with iOS 5.1.1. My question is that I want to make sure that I can (or can't) download an earlier version for this app before I buy it.
    If someone could tell me if this is possible for ArtRage, I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you!

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    We've kept older versions available to download, but we aren't able to control (or even see) what the store offers you, so I'm not sure if it will let you or if it's restricted to existing owners.

    So, theoretically, yet, but in practice, we're not sure (if you do find out, we'd love to know).

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    Red face yes it's available for iOS 5.1.1 but ...

    Hi there, i read these thread before i purchase ArtRage for iPad.

    i love my 1st gen iPad so much,
    and i decide to use it for my drawing pad.

    I have 2 iPad at home: one is iPadmini 2.5 (stuck at iOS 9)
    and the other is 1gt gen iPad (stuck at iOS 5.1.1).

    So, i decided to hit purchase button from the 1st gen iPad.
    Unfortunately, it cannot be done as the app store said like
    "you need iOS 8.0 or later".

    Then i decide to purchase it from my iPadmini,
    it works of course.

    I am curious if there still any chance for me to get
    the app on my 1st gen iPad.
    So i came back to the app store on my 1st iPad.
    the purchase button now turned into "install"
    And i give it a try... Yeah its working !!!

    The bottom line : in order to make it work on your 1st gen iPad,
    you need to purchase from the iOS 8.0 or later device.
    Then you go to your old loving 1gen iPad and hit install.
    The apple store would ask you if you want to download the
    older compatible version.

    so be it.

    Hope this testimony would give useful info...
    Sorry for my broken English...

    Regards, from Bandung, Indonesia

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    Thank you! That's really useful information, and your English was completely clear

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