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Thread: Is convert tracing image to paint a good way to enlarge too small images?

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    Is convert tracing image to paint a good way to enlarge too small images?

    Sorry if it's a dumb question.. I created a fabric pattern tile using the iPad apps I have including art rage. I started there so I can use a stylus directly on the image to work. But I used a new app initially to create my pattern tile and imported it into the artrage app not realizing the size of file from that new app was rediculously small. Did a load of watercolor effect fills in my app not knowing my mistake and forgot to record what I was doing... When I exported it to the art rage 4 program I realised mistake. The files too small for most of the printing want to do with it. Tried vector programs but the paint effects do not translate very well and it looks like oil slick puddles in water in various places of the painting. I need to resize it significantly larger than would allow before pixelation occurs using the resize image option. i just found the the convert tracing image to paint option and I am wondering if this would be a good alternative to vector for resizing? i did a test on a 6000 x 6000 canvas using the image I want to resize (800 x 800) as the tracing image. But I am having trouble deciding if I can see pixelation in the recreated paint. I also need to create a large image where this tile is auto repeated neatly. I know it can be done in Photoshop which I do not own. Does artrage have something similar?

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    1. Enlarging using Tracing images

    Sort of. The new 'paint' image won't actually be pixelated, but it might paint the pixelation (it can only copy what's there). So it may end up looking the same - it's going to depend on your image.

    2. Yes. You can either import it as a canvas grain (if you want it as texture) or using the Pattern Fill (if you want the visible pattern). In both cases, you need to load a saved image from somewhere.

    To import a canvas grain, go to Canvas Settings, click the grain preview, and load the pattern you want. Then use 'Grain Size' to control the scale/tile effect.

    To use Pattern Fill, choose the Fill tool, then choose the Pattern mode (go to settings, then the third tab). Click the little image icon preview to load a new image, and then use Scale to control the tiling effect. Click on the canvas to 'Fill' the area with pattern.

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