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Thread: Monitor 1440 - Mac Mini

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    Monitor 1440 - Mac Mini

    Mac Mini = Monitor

    New Monitor size and specs for A-rage ?

    Has anyone used a mac mini 2012 model thats 8 GB Sandy Bridge i5 model to run A-rage with a say
    DELL U2515H 25 INCH IPS LED 2560 X 1440?

    My thinking is would i

    1: Get a lag with the higher screen 2560 X 1440 compared to my current formac 1600 x 1200 on me mac mini 2012 ?

    2: Fan noise increase? as mac would work harder ?

    3: A-rage Panels would become small and i be constantly zooming in more so than needed

    Currently using Formac 2010 AU 1600 by 1200 looking to maybe upgrade to a newer monitor

    Size advice welcome i am always sitting quite close to monitor arm length away so probably 27 to 29 my head would just go left to right hence 25" probably do on a DELL U2515H 25 INCH IPS LED 2560 X 1440.

    But would i benefit in a drawing program as a rage ? on a 2560 X 1440 or is a lower spec good enough for drawing in art rage ? most images i go to print onto canvas so i general set to 300 DPI and A3 or above at start of a drawing, your advise very welcome.

    Regards Rob

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    84 reads but answers

    I not had any input here but have found some information out on the subject if anyone wishes to know let me know and I post here.


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    Guilty, number 24 was me!
    The lack of replays was probably because you are venturing into somewhat uncharted but very specific waters there!
    Still, I for one would be interested in your findings if you want to post them. The Dell is a fine looking monitor and in fact whatever monitor you do finally upgrade to it would be most interesting to know your personal experience of using it.
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    Many thanks for feed back

    Yes its a problem with text people sit back and wait for others, thank you for making the response.

    I re word question here for others, what set up do you use re size of tablet to screen size please ?

    What I have found is the following wide screen not good, I found the size of screen to match the size of tablet works best IE if you have a tablet 12inches by 19 inches your better off with a more square type monitor for the use of drawing as it very much same as the tablet your drawing on.

    Wide screen ok however your not often draw in a oblong shape of picture maybe some sea front landscape but not very wide by this 34 inch wide screen on a tablet of 19 inches by 12 inches feels odd but a more square shape screen feels more natural.

    Avoid any 1080 no good anything 1200 and up is ok but the more you go up text can be small and you end up making the pallets bigger which then reduces the screen space.

    Also depending upon where you sit or stand makes a huge difference, if I paint with real paint I like to stand and work, moving back and fourth, tablet more of a sit down job hard to pick up and move screen and tablet around. So i can be more straight on at the screen and I found a 25 inch is great 27 inch ok but my eyes do go left to right more and I am close sitting in a viewing angle that suits a 25 inch.

    If you think about the tablets you can draw on the screen direct they not so big like 34 inch monitor screen so the area your drawing into is important.

    Small screen with a big tablet or big screen with little tablet your hand will move different in respect to drawing on a piece of paper.

    Example mouse track pads small area but pointer on screen moves quick to cover the area, in drawing we never do this with say pencil and paper so the drawing speed and feel really did make a difference for me when I used different screens.

    I got some images also of all the Wacom tablets and screens which i tried in Japan in a average store, I dig them out and up load, one area I noticed was apple monitor won in direct man made light compared to the this glass on the cintiq, also the new Wacom rubber ws much more real than the wacom ptk 1240 which has a layer of plastic on they make this in XL only and not in the new rubber covered ones.

    The plastic sheet on the ptk 1240 can feel odd on your hand so wear a fingerless glove helps, the new rubber (but no XL) feels very natural and clean and work well in my view on a medium and 27 inch apple monitor while standing up in a shop in Japan.

    Sitting down on a stool did feel very different in the store, also worth noting apple monitor the one with the nasty price tag you get what you pay for had usb 2 only then and still the stand does not allow moving for up and down positioning which is a pain.

    The DELL U2515H 25 INCH wins price wise and very important the stand allows you to position the monitor to your requirements.

    Oh last thought on use while drawing, once you reached your max zoom in on AR and can go no further but wish to try this.

    I hold "command" down on key board or tablet and then move fingers up on track pad and can go in another 50 % plus

    regards rob

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