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Thread: Quick question about 4.5

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    Quick question about 4.5

    Hello, I'm new to the forum so I hope this is the right section.

    Last night I could upgrade my AR 3.5 to 4.5 by paying 13,45 EUR. Right now it's 26,90 EUR - may I know what happened?
    I couldn't upgrade last night duo internet problems, but as of now, i'm not going to upgrade if the fee is 27 euro.

    thanks for your answers!

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    Hello and welcome Nicholas86
    The standard discount for upgrading from a past version of AR to the current version is 50% off and has certainly been so for as long as I've been using AR.
    My thought here though as to what may have happened for you is that last week Ambient Design were having a summer sale with 50% off for anyone.
    So with your upgrade discount on top of the summer sale discount, it showed as 13.45 yesterday.
    Today alas the summer sale has finished
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    Thank you Markw
    This is my luck at the very best!

    I guess next OFF will be during xmas if there's any?
    Is there an email I can subscribe to which alerts me whenever there's a discount?

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