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Thread: ARTRAGE 4 for XP

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    ARTRAGE 4 for XP

    What is tjhe download link for ARTRAGE 4 for XP ?


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    Hello Elico and welcome to the AR forums
    Once you have have purchased AR and have registered your key code in your Member Area account you can download whichever OS instal option of AR you need, including the old XP version, 4.0.6.
    Have a look at these FAQ pages about registering AR and downloading the XP version.
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    ARTRAGE 3.5 for XP


    I down loded a DEMO version of ARTRAGE 3.5 for XP.

    Is it possible to buy a serial for this program .


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    Note: I've edited your username so that it is no longer your email address (as sharing that publicly is generally a bad idea). If you would like a different username, contact us at and we can change it to anything you want. If you're having trouble logging in, make sure you're using 'therightinfo' as the username.

    Markw has given you all the information you need, but to answer your questions again:

    - We no longer sell ArtRage 3, we only sell ArtRage 4.
    - We do not even offer the demo version of ArtRage 3, you can only get it from unofficial third party sites.
    - The older version of ArtRage 4 is compatible with Windows XP
    - You can download this from the member area after purchase.

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