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Thread: Problem with pastel brush after psd export

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    Problem with pastel brush after psd export

    Hello Friends!
    I started to learn artrage today and I have one disappointment.
    I drew a picture in Artrage with rough pastel brush, then I save it as psd, I made some manipulations in PS and then I opened it again in Artrage. But now my pastel brush (with the same brush options) draw isn't like before, it lost all pastel texture.
    Help me, please, how to bring it back
    Click image for larger version. 

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    You don't say what version you are using - I would suggest resetting the tool.

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    Hola amigo and welcome to the AR forums
    Actually there is nothing wrong with the Pastel tool you'll be glad to know!
    It looks to me like what has happened is that when you opened the .psd file again in ArtRage after working on it in Photoshop there will have been no canvas texture data for AR to use. So now with it back in ArtRage again you will effectively be drawing on a perfectly smooth canvas.
    Once ArtRage has opened the .psd, open the canvas settings panel in ArtRage; View > Canvas settings, where you can re-choose which canvas texture to use. You may also want to check that each layer is using the correct texture too as they can be set independently of the main canvas texture. Tools > Layer Options > Edit layer Texture. This can also be accessed via the Layers panel.
    When exporting an ArtRage painting as a .psd file not all the data can be exported, i.e. canvas texture, paint volume, paint wetness, as Photoshop can not use this data. The only format that will retain all data is ArtRage's own .ptg format.
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