Last evening as part of a support session with HP I was chatting on the phone to the technician while my pc was rebooting (there were also 16 updates to download) he asked me about my graphic tablet. He had previously asked what devices I had connected to my pc. Turns out he has a Bamboo.

He wanted to know what software I used with the tablet and of course I took the opportunity to promote AR and the forum. So hopefully we may gain a new member from the Philippines! So "hello Henry" if you're watching.

A plug for HP support. I had first contacted them on Tuesday because my pc was not detecting my optical drive. I filled in the support form and after being informed my pc was out of warranty I was invited to 'chat'. This resulted in a remote session which didn't fix the problem and after providing my shipping address, I was told I would be contacted again in a couple of days.

Well it was the next evening - last night, when I spoke to Henry. That session indicated that I did not have an optical drive installed - which of course I have - it's just not working. Henry told me that a technician would come to my home in 3-5 days and replace the cd/dvd unit free of charge!!

A call from a local HP technician at 9 am today advised me that he had ordered the unit and would call again in a couple of days to arrange a time for the installation.

How's that for service and everyone I spoke to was so pleasant - such a nice experience.