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Thread: Advice on an Artrage Build & quick question about compatibility

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    Advice on an Artrage Build & quick question about compatibility


    First a super quick question: Are all Artrage full versions backwards compatible with all other Artrage full versions. (i.e Can I open an Artrage 2 or 3 file in the newest Artrage?)

    Second question: I'm looking to purchase a new computer, and I don't mind spending more money if it correlates to speed improvements and ease of use. The problem I've had with ArtRage in the past was very slow "catch-up" when copying and pasting layers (I often work with multiple large layers). The computers I've had in the past were objectively kind of crummy though, so I honestly can't blame the software. The problem is that now I want to buy a new computer for AR, but I don't want to spend more than I need to run it more smoothly. AR doesn't post recommended specs.

    My understanding is that AR uses mostly CPU power and no GPU, RAM is pretty cheap, so what would be a good processor to go with? Alternatively, if someone runs AR very smoothly and can manipulate large copy-pastes without issue, and wants to post what their system is like, that would be helpful information. And I welcome correction if I'm wrong about AR using CPU over GPU.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Versions of ArtRage should be fully compatible with files from previous versions, we've made sure that older file data is supported in all never updates.

    Regarding computers - ArtRage speed is basically tied to CPU and RAM as you mention, so the faster the better. We don't have any specific recommendations for CPUs but other forum users may be able to make some suggestions based on their systems.

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    Always get the best spec you can for your budget - what seems like a lot now may not be a year or two down the line.

    I tend to work fairly large as I use ArtRage for commissions that will be printed - usually up to 20x16in or A3 at 300dpi. I have had some lag in the past but only when adding quite a few layers and blending modes. That was with a quad core processor. Recently upgraded to 8 core CPU and so far so good. The only area that gets slow for me is when I use custom brushes or the roller at large size to lay down a background. Cut, copy, paste and transforming selections can be a bit slow but I don't tend to use them and it isn't so bad to hinder work flow.

    Current system: SSD (for Windows and software only), 8 Core CPU (AMD - just because that fits motherboard), 8GB RAM and only a 2GB DDR3 GPU. All runs pretty snappy - will go to 16GB RAM soonish but not because I need it for ArtRage.

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    All I would say is buy the fastest components you can. And try not to think of the cost. It is worth it in the long run honest!
    Order of priority for me if getting a new desktop computer for use with ArtRage would be;
    1: Fastest multicore CPU you can find.
    2: Fast RAM (DDR4 or DDR5 if anyone is shipping that commercially now) and lots of it.
    3: PCIe SSD.
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