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Thread: Surface Pro 3 touch gestures

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    Surface Pro 3 touch gestures

    Hi, I am running Artrage (desktop version) on my surface pro 3 and can't seem to get touch gestures to work (pinch to zoom, two finger drag, rotate, etc). All that happens is that whicheve finger happens to have touched the screen first (and one always will) draws a line.

    I have updated the wintab drivers from n-trig (the pen works fine, with lovely pressure levels etc). I have ensured use touch gestures is on (it didn't make any difference whether it was on or off it seems).

    I searched the forum and didn't find anything to help so apologies if this is a duplicate post.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    me too!

    I'm having issues with touch gestures on my Surface pro 4 too! Did anyone ever get back to you on this?

    The pinch zooming/rotating is VERY random in it's reliability. Sometimes it works beautifully...but then i'll do a spot of sketching, go to zoom out, and my gestures won't be recognized and my fingers will draw lines...then after a bit of tapping the screen in frustration the zooming will work again.

    It's preventing me from really being able to get into the's currently just a bit too frustrating. Surely others have experienced this? I would have thought a lot of people with surface pro's would be using this software?

    Hopefully someone has some tips! Thanks in advance!

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    This is still an issue on my Surface Pro!
    Gestures do work fine with a Wacom Tablet on my other computer. But they only draw ugly lines on the Surface Pro screen. :\
    Please fix this or tell me what i'm getting wrong!

    (edit: i've tried artrage4 (steam-version) as well as the artrage5 demo from the website. it doesnt work in both)
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    I'm not seeing problems when I try the Surface Pro here so I think it probably relates to the input method the app is using. Could you drop a mail to me directly ([email protected]) and let me know which model Surface Pro, which version of Windows, and whether you have installed any input drivers such as Wintab drivers and I should be able to help.

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