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Thread: Trouble with the Verification Code....

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    Exclamation Trouble with the Verification Code....

    Hi There! Yeah I was having some trouble with the verification code for my ArtRage 3 Studio. Because I had it before, on a different computer, and it worked fine and we thought we wouldn't need the code anymore! So anyhow, then, that computer crashed and we bought a laptop! Its really cool and all but we couldn't seem to find the slip cover for the ArtRage 3 disc to get the code from the back. I just wanted to know, if there was any other way we could get the code to unlock ArtRage?? I need it for an online course I am taking and I am not sure what I would do without ArtRage :/

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    Hi ArtsyMarvelFan,

    Did you happen to previously register the product on the ArtRage site? If so, I believe you will be able to log onto the members area, where you'll then be able to look up any registered products you've acquired from Ambient Design, along with the serial numbers for each. If you never got around to that, don't lose hope. The ArtRage team may still be able to help you. If they don't happen respond to your post here (they most likely will, as they're usually on top of their customer service), you can try contacting them directly with your query by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of each forum page or emailing them at
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    Yep - if you haven't emailed us already, do that now (obviously we can't share your serial publicly, even if we can figure it out via the forum). We'll need to know how you originally bought/received ArtRage so we can help you find the original serial. We can also help you check the member area if you can't remember your account details (but did create an account).

    If the original computer still works, you can just look it up via the program (Help > Change Serial Number).

    If you purchased ArtRage directly from us, we can look up the purchase via email or postal address. If you got it via Wacom - which it sounds like, we can tell you were you *should* look, and possibly help a bit further if you run into trouble there.

    This is a very, very common question - someone asks us this every day - and we'll do our best to help.

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