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Thread: The River STYX

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    The River STYX

    According to Legend the ferryman takes the departed soul across the river STYX to the other side, ( The Underworld)....Can't remember the whole story, must " Google " it, hope you like the picture, its a bit misty and blurry, but I wanted to try to create an otherworldy look. Anyway that was the plan, I couldn't fit the boat in, so I improvised with a coffin and a mourner, its called Artistic Licence ( I think)... Anyway hope you like the picture....Jack.
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    Some of my artwork can be seen at the above link.......Jack.

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    Wow! I love this. Very dramatic. Great atmosphere.

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    Yeah, the Ferryman is a mysterious, rather aloof character. No idea how he got the job. I think he found the listing down the union hall. Used to be a fisherman, but so many waters have been getting fished out. Hey, these days a job's a job for a gob.

    Got a very engaging feel to it. Very sharp focus. I feel obligated to speak. But I'm not quite ready for that ride. Nice one Jack! Creating your own mythology is do-able when you present the visuals for people to experience.

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    You did it, dear Jack! What a successful achievement! Charon has a quite creepy look in Your painting and an expression which shows quite clearly that You may buy only a one-way trip ticket ...
    You therefore deserve to be awarded with what one of Your predecessors painted on the same subject, based on Venice ancient cemetery ... (L'Isola dei Morti or Dead People Island)
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