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Thread: Export image poor quality (resolution)

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    Export image poor quality (resolution)


    Is there any possibility to control a quality of an exported image (jpg, tif, png, etc). I find that default option produces an unsatisfying image quality.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hello GTh and welcome to the forums
    In AR, jpeg is the only image export format where you can set the export quality/compression.
    Open AR's preferences and in Advanced Preferences there you can set jpeg export quality to 100%.
    All other image exports quality will be at 100% by default.
    Also bear in mind AR's default ppi for a canvas is only 72ppi. So depending on what you want to do with the exported image this may well not be high enough, leading to a poor quality image.
    PPI can be set when creating a new canvas, which is generally the best time to do it, or it can be done on an existing canvas by going to; Edit > Resize Painting… and setting a new ppi there.
    Note: Setting a new ppi for an existing canvas but retaining it's finished dimensions may require some additional cleanup/repainting afterwards. If it was a big jump in ppi the resized painting may look a bit fuzzy and less crisp.
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    Thank you very much for your prompt and most of all very clear explanation.
    I think I have missed the initial image size/resolution setting.
    I think the mentioned setting is applied to an reference image as well, doesn't it?

    I had added a huge image as a reference (to add some painting effects) an I have been surprised by the poor export quality. Thank to your elucidation I will (hope so) be able to manage its quality.

    Once more I do deeply appreciate your instant assistance.

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