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Thread: ipad memory use

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    ipad memory use

    Despite deleting all paintings in the two weeks I've been using Artrage on my Ipad Air, cleaning out the memory, rebooting, almost 800 mgbytes are still used by the app. The app itself is less than 50 mgbytes.
    From experience, the only thing left, is to delete the app, and reinstall it. Am I right? If so, can you please add a 'delete all data' option, Artrage makers?

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    Hi there! It looks like we answered your email over the weekend, but I'll reply here as well in case anyone else has the same issue.

    This is caused by the iOS not clearing out the temporary files created when you leave the app without saving your painting (basically, the temp file is your unsaved work). This can also include your undo history, and become very large if you haven't shut the app down for awhile. The usual way to fix/avoid this is to open a new canvas, then shut down and restart the app. If the files are still there, this is a problem with the iOS, and reinstalling is the only way to clear them out.

    We are currently working on a major update to the app, and this is one of the issues we're looking into.

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