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    Tips for basic glitter

    I've had a couple of people email me for tips on how to emulate real glitter. Here's a quick guide which assumes a pretty standard fullscreen canvas for anyone new to ArtRage and wanting to produce a nice simple glitter look.

    Here's a few steps for a quick glitter example. You can get a feel for the look of the glitter at each of the steps by applying a little glitter to your canvas as you can always hit the undo button ( left arrow in the toolbar at the top ) to remove it. Select the Glitter tool and have a shot at the following steps.

    1/ Ok, the first thing to do is to drag the metallic slider beneath the colour picker all the way to the right. If you move this slider to 100% that's where you're really going to get the glittery sparkly look.

    2/ Now, make sure you have a nice strong colour selected in the colour-picker. When you are using metallics, colours can look a little darker, so I tend to use a light, bright colour. Let's start with a light yellow. Click on a yellow point in the colour picker. On the right hand of the colour picker is a bar for the lightness of the colour. For this example let's move the marker in the bar about 4/5 of the way up the bar, so we get a fairly light yellow.

    If you wanted a bright silvery look, you can just move the marker right up to the top of the bar to make the colour white. If we want a gold colour, choosing a slightly more orange colour can help. This is really a matter of preference. You can lay down a little glitter on the screen then just hit the undo arrow ( left arrow ) in the top menu bar if you don't like it, so it's possible to play with the look and feel until you get it how you like.

    3/ On the left hand side of your screen you should have a settings panel for the glitter. ( Pressure, Glitter Shape, Glitter Size etc ). Hit the "reset" button in this panel to take yourself back to the standard settings.

    4/ Check that the glitter shape on the left shows three little squares, because we want a fairly standard look. Down the bottom left of the screen you'll see a little preview of the glitter in blue. If you click and drag left and right in here, or use the + and - buttons, you can change the size of the tool. I made mine about 40%

    5/ Take a look at the glitter size setting on the left. It's set to 25% by default, which is pretty small. Glitter looks the way it does because of the way the light is reflected so if it's too small it can look a little too subtle. I made my glitter 40% but you might want to experiment with larger sizes, depending on how big you imagine you'd like to see your glitter.

    6/ If you want piles of glitter ( I did in my example ), on the left, make the pressure a high value. This makes the glitter mound up more. If you want it more sparsely applied you can lessen this value.

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