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Thread: Anyone else using the Genius EasyPen i405X with ArtRage?

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    Anyone else using the Genius EasyPen i405X with ArtRage?

    Hello World! I'm using ArtRage 4.5.4 with my Genius EasyPen i405X graphics tablet, and I am just wondering if there are anyone else using the same graphics tablet as me. I presume there are others, but I am just not sure. The i405X is my starter graphics tablet which works fine in ArtRage. Oh, I'm using it in Windows 7; I'd be curious if there are any Mac users with the same graphics tablet as I have. Thanks in advance!
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    Actually I have a Genius 450 tablet that I use. The only thing you will notice is that it doesn't have the variable brightness that the Bamboo has. Those are available in the Philippines in the malls.
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    I have a Genius G-pen F509 WHK-C10 which will only carry out writing mode when I use the pen. However when I use my mouse the brushes etc work. I have an Apple Mac. Any ideas what I need to do to get the pen to open in brush mode instead of writing mode? Thanks.

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    Hello mickjoyce2020 and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    I confess I don't actually have a Genius tablet and from your description I’m not entirely sure what you are experiencing If you could post some screenshots or a screen recording of the problem that would help a lot.
    But it sounds as though the input from the tablet & pen is not being recognised for some reason by ArtRage.
    What macOS are you on, what version of ArtRage do you have and is the Genius tablet driver up to date?
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    Desde hace varios años, utilizo un Lápiz táctil Genius modelo GP-B200 A, con cable para cargar, y hasta ahora no he tenido inconvenientes. Mi PC es una Lenovo Yoga con pantalla táctil.-
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