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Thread: Anyone else using the Genius EasyPen i405X with ArtRage?

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    Anyone else using the Genius EasyPen i405X with ArtRage?

    Hello World! I'm using ArtRage 4.5.4 with my Genius EasyPen i405X graphics tablet, and I am just wondering if there are anyone else using the same graphics tablet as me. I presume there are others, but I am just not sure. The i405X is my starter graphics tablet which works fine in ArtRage. Oh, I'm using it in Windows 7; I'd be curious if there are any Mac users with the same graphics tablet as I have. Thanks in advance!
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    Actually I have a Genius 450 tablet that I use. The only thing you will notice is that it doesn't have the variable brightness that the Bamboo has. Those are available in the Philippines in the malls.
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