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Thread: Shape drawing tool?

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    Shape drawing tool?

    I'd love to be able to make panels for my comic, but I can't find a simple tool that will help draw them. I know I can make a rectangle or a circle with the selection tool and then kind of trace a line around the inside, but that's sloppy and inconvenient. I can also trace a circle or square stencil, but then there's no way to adjust the size or stretch the shape.
    I was wondering if there was a tool that could actually draw rectangles, squares, or circles the same way that Sketchbook or MS Paint does (click and drag.)
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    There isn't a tool to just draw shapes, but you can:

    1. Adjust stencil sizes (ctrl + click and drag), as well as invert and rotate them.

    2. Use Transform to adjust an outline after drawing it (this lets you squish the shape, move it and resize). You can also duplicate a box and then use Transform to resize it however you want. The exact ways you can distort it depend which edition you have - ArtRage 4 has a couple of extra modes, such as Perspective.

    3. Create custom stencils out of outlines you draw/import (for example, you could create the layout you want, then turn the whole thing into a stencil).

    4. Use Snap to Grid (in version 4.5) to create straight lines. Or hold down Ctrl or Ctrl+shift while drawing.

    5. Use the Ink Pen with smoothing turned on to create smooth round shapes by hand.

    Other people may have more tips as well.

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    Hannah covered most of it with her explanation, but you may also find some useful information is following two threads:

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